Crabtree's philosophy of continuous improvement has led to what is undoubtedly the machine that is most suited to overcome the problems facing Canmakers today. Crabtree changes the wisdom of "Changeovers costing money" into "Changeovers making profit".


Our Marquess press is versatile, easy to use and cost effective. Its durability and high productivity makes it a highly effective, ‘all round’ printing press and especially popular with companies purchasing their first metal decorating machine.

Key features:

  • Is durable – providing long-lasting high quality to your prints
  • Universal feeder with wide belts
  • Has a simple free-standing operating console
  • Uses a high quality dampening system, the Delta® Dampner, with two basic operating modes: Delta and Non-Delta which provides time and material savings
  • Adaptable – if you out grow your Marquess or have a particular requirement talk to our engineers who can work on a product upgrade
  • Due to the volume of machines in the market the spares available are well developed – ensuring you can get the high quality parts you need quickly

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Our specialist engineers are on hand to discuss your needs, contact them to see how Marquess can provide high productivity, versatility and cost effective printing. 

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Sheet Sizes
Maximum 1143 x 965mm
Minimum 711 x 406mm
Thickness 0.14 - 0.4mm
Printing Area
Maximum 1143 x 959mm
Printing Plate (or to suit customer’s requirements)
Maximum 1143 x 1067mm
Thickness 0.30 or 0.40mm
Gripper Margin
Minimum 5mm
Feeder Stock Pile Maximum
Feeder Stock Pile Maximum 5000kg
Mechanical Speed
Maximum 6000 sheets per hour (dependent on substrate and press environment)
Electric Power
MT1 (single unit) 37.17kW (total excluding curing units)
MT2 52.29kW
MT3 68.37kW
MT4 85.58kW