FastReady 4

Crabtree's philosophy of continuous improvement has led to what is undoubtedly the machine that is most suited to overcome the problems facing Canmakers today. Crabtree changes the wisdom of "Changeovers costing money" into "Changeovers making profit".

FastReady 4
FastReady 4 FastReady 4 FastReady 4 FastReady 4

Our FastReady 4 machine provides a high performance metal decorating solution and is one of the most flexible machines on the market with low make-ready times, excellent print quality and intuitive operation.

Key features:

  • Specifically designed for metal with flat sheet travel throughout
  • It can handle the widest material making it suitable for both tinplate and aluminium
  • Quick changeovers to maximise efficiency, including semi-automatic plate change
  • A central control system for all functions – making it operator friendly as it is designed by printers for printers
  • Is compatible with both conventional, UV and LED cure
  • Offers modular configuration with 1-6 lines available
  • Uses the latest and one of the most reliable ink duct technology

The FastReady 4 has been designed to grow with your needs as lines can be extended and additional units can be added quickly and easily – minimising the disruption to your production.

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Our specialist engineers are on hand to discuss your needs, contact them to see how FastReady 4 can provide exceptional print quality, flexibility and sheet handling.

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Sheet Sizes
Maximum 1200mm x 1000mm
Minimum 710mm x 510mm
Thickness 0.13mm to 0.4mm
Printing Area
Maximum 1200mm x 995mm
Printing Plate (or to suit customer’s requirements)
Width x Length 1200mm x 1130mm
Thickness 0.30mm or 0.40mm
Printing Blanket (or to suit customer’s requirements)
Width x Length 1212mm x 1205mm
Thickness 1.95mm
Start of Print
From edge of sheet 5mm
Machine Length
2-Colour FastReady 4 with feeder 10800mm
4-Colour FastReady 4 with feeder 18700mm
Other configurations available on request
Feeder Pile Weight
Maximum 5000kg
Mechanical Speed
Maximum 8000 sheets/hour (printing speed dependent on print shop conditions and ingoing material quality)
Electric Power
Standard Supply 400V / 3 phase / 50Hz