Coater Portfolio

Crabtree's philosophy of continuous improvement has led to what is undoubtedly the machine that is most suited to overcome the problems facing Canmakers today. Crabtree changes the wisdom of "Changeovers costing money" into "Changeovers making profit".

Coater Portfolio

Coater Portfolio

Our decades of experience has enabled us to design and manufacture a portfolio of coater machines that enable flexibility whilst maintaining precision. Our expert team can also look at your coating and varnishing needs and develop a solution around you.

All Crabtree coaters are fully manufactured, assembled, commissioned and tested at our UK factory before being dispatched - read more on our three solutions below.


F3 – The Plain Coater Solution

A simplistic, easy to use, no nonsense plain coating solution, the F3 offers complete sheet coating without registration, with a basic, but very reliable belt infeed system, and our incredibly stable 3 roller precision head.

It’s worth noting that, like most Crabtree products, the F3 plain Coater can be upgraded at a later date to provide registration.


F1 - The Imperial Coater Solution

The F1 Coater is the mainstay of coaters and is arguably the most popular coater unit in the field. It offers a 45” x 38” maximum sheet format (which can be increased to a 1200mm wide  on request), with registration infeed, featuring pusher units, precision pre-register section together with dual purpose sidelays and sideguides - full register and plain coating capability.

Suitable for applying internal and external lacquers and varnishes, and is compatible with conventional and UV varnishes. It also features our precision ground Independently Driven 3 Roller Coating Head solution, or Anilox system.

Key features:

  • A maintenance friendly motorised coating head
  • Provides precise filmweight control
  • Offers flexible integration
  • Additional features can be developed on request


FastReady Coater (FRC) - The Premium Coater Solution

The FRC has a 1200 x 1000 maximum sheet format. It benefits from an infeed based on the Fastready press with single repeatable pushers, precision pre-register, dual purpose sidelays and sideguides and full CNC sheet adjustment. This provides a full register and plain coater, with incredible registration accuracy, similar to that of a press, and advanced speed running with the most taxing of sheet.


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Contact our specialist engineers to find out why our customers describe our coaters as 'no fuss solutions' that are accurate, reliable, user friendly and easy to support.

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Sheet Sizes
Maximum 1143 x 965mm
Minimum 660 x 508mm
Thickness 0.14 - 0.5mm
Application Roller Diameter
Spot Coating 329mm
Max. Plain Coating 339mm
Min. Plain Coating 319mm
Application Roller Length
Application Roller Length 1168mm
Compression Roller Length
Compression Roller Length 1168mm
Feeder Stock Pile Maximum
Feeder Stock Pile Maximum 5000kg
Mechanical Speed
Maximum 7200 sheets per hour (dependent on substrate and press environment)
Electric Power
1200F/FS (free standing) 28.55kW (total excluding curing units)
1200F/IL (inline) 11.38kW
FRC/FS 30.95kW
FRC/IL 13.78kW