Support Rates Freeze for the Third Consecutive Year

As part of of commitment to keeping your presses running in this uncertain time, our already competitive Service rates are to remain the same for the period of 01/04/2020 to 01/04/2021. (for the third year running)

As Crabtree customer, we hope you’re aware of – and have seen in action – our commitment to service and support in the metal decorating and coating industry. We utilise all of our 50 years’ worth of experience to supply bespoke creative and engineered solutions to meet your requirements, all the while maintaining our impeccable service record.

Remote Support
To assist our customers during this unprecedented period of uncertainty we at Crabtree are delighted to announce our robust Remote Support.

 – Telephone Support*
 – Email Support
– Video Support
– Online Support

**calls/data will be charged at your providers rates – T&C’s apply.

We believe in ensuring that a line is not only running but is running as efficiently as possible. This is why we make it our business to provide high quality support and service to our customers, at a competitive rate.

Download for Our Remote Support Guide