Local company, global reach

We are proud of our 50+ year history, knowledge and customer support and apply this to each customer that we work with. We do this through our dedicated and experienced employees. Crabtree has a strong commitment to service and dedicated staff that can work with customers wherever they are in the world.

Our International Team

Covering Europe and the UK is Keith Fannon, an employee of Crabtree since 1987, he has decades of experience in providing solutions to customers that address their issues around improving print quality, providing faster speeds and quicker make ready times.

These issues can sometimes be resolved by a new machine, which does require a large investment, but can also be achieved by improving the lines already in place. We can do this through mechanical and electrical upgrades.

Contact Keith on +44 (0)191 487 5071 or at keith.fannon@crabpress.co.uk to discuss how we can support you.

Working with customers in the Middle East and Africa, is Paul Curry – a Crabtree employee for over 26 years with extensive experience of working within our spares and services division.
Paul regularly communicates with clients to understand their challenges which are typically on how upgrades and improvements can be made to older machines, to extend their life – without the need for drastic investment.

Within the last 18 months he has overseen the overhaul and upgrade of five complete lines in the Middle East alone.

Contact Paul on +44 (0)191 487 5071 or at paul.curry@crabpress.co.uk

Supporting our customers in North and South America is Garry Oughton, Garry has extensive experience in the metal decorating industry; 26 years as a Crabtree employee and 15 years servicing Crabtree machines as an independent representative.

As a Crabtree employee, his roles have included being part of our 1200 machine’s development team and more recently working as a technical sales consultant for the Brazilian market. This has given him the well-rounded knowledge to advise customers on getting the best out their machines, through upgrades or support purchase decisions.

Contacted Garry on +44 (0)7720 496 651 / + 55 2198 1112 487  or email at garry.oughton@crabpress.co.uk

We also have a team of agents based across the world sharing their expertise. Find out more.

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