Crabtree launch OEM Training Program

Crabtree is a lot more than a supplier, as well as offering technical solutions, we can deliver training programmes and act as a consultant, helping to solve problems and innovate within our customers businesses.

At Crabtree we recognise the pressures our customers face and the importance of retaining a skilled and motivated workforce. We act as a trusted partner and consultant to our customers; providing classroom training of press operators in print theory, no matter what the current skill level and experience level.  In addition, we offer online training on production and print best practice on Crabtree machines.

Those who successfully complete our training then receive an OEM Crabtree UK Approved Operator Certificate.

“Crabtree to this day offer and provide Interpack with its support-being it technical, parts and or training”  Jason Jones, Plant Manager, Interpack

Why Invest in Staff Training?

Employee Engagement and Retention

Increased investment in staff through training and development inspires a sense of loyalty in employees. Teaching a new skill or higher level of skills helps them adapt to the constantly changing manufacturing industry by introducing new methods and skills required to do their job more effectively and increase productivity

Research has shown that one of the key reasons employees state for undertaking up skilling and development is so that they can continue to work at their current organisation, thus encouraging retention.

Product Quality

Employees who received on-going skills training are able to put their newly acquired skills, and techniques to work immediately. Even experienced employees can benefit from additional training as best practices increase efficiency through improved processes.  Developing teams manufacturing skills will result in a greater quality product.

“The only thing worse than training your employees and having them leave is not training them and having them stay”. — Henry Ford, Founder, Ford Motor Company

Operational Flexibility 

Investing in cross-training the workforce, enables operations to continue if a key employee is suddenly absence. Operating with a key man dependency is a risk for any business. It is becoming best practice to operate with the agility of a cross-trained workforce.   This allows organisations to very quickly, if required, to change team member’s focus.  Particularly, when faced with unplanned absences, holidays or peak demand periods.  It can reduce the costs involved in recruiting and training temporary workers or new employees. Cross-training can also improve the overall work atmosphere for a manufacturing company, which may in turn improve the bottom line. When you need all hands on deck in demanding situations, manufacturers that cross-train will have a better chance of bouncing back quickly from major disruptions because they have developed a flexible workforce.


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