Crabtree Engineers travel 2 Million Kilometers this year

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Crabtree Engineers have travelled 2 Million Km already this year servicing our customers that equate to:

50 times around the world, or  22.8 million football pitches, or  6,666 Eiffel Towers or even 5 times to the Moon and back.

Every day we have engineers working all around the world keeping our customers equipment running and continuously improving their performance.  Our engineers have travelled far and wide this year, visiting a total of 38 countries and travelling in excess of 2 million Km so far.

We’re proud of our commitment to service and our support the metal decorating and coating industry since the 60’s.  Utilising experience to maximum effect, we supply bespoke creative and engineered solutions and preventative maintenance programmes, whilst maintaining our impeccable service record.

Our service maintenance contracts help customers to reduce downtime and save costs in the long term. We can also provide full mechanical and electrical surveys of existing equipment.

Our service team…..

Our service team have been covering many typical printer and coater related services around the world such as:

  • Line performance audit, including material usage and spoilage
  • Review of printing practices both pre-press and on line work
  • Assisting with Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) development
  • Set-up/review of machine timing and settings
  • Troubleshooting on the press and in the pre-press environment
  • Recommendations on available upgrades to improve line performance, including Crabtree Colour Management Systems

We have also undertaken a number of major projects this year such as:

  • Mechanical overhaul/upgrade including installation of New Tin Feeder and comprehensive electrical overhaul/upgrade on existing Single-Colour Crabtree 1290 Press and In-Line Crabtree Coater.
  • Installation, commissioning and demonstration of New Three-Colour Crabtree Fastready Press.
  • Installation, commissioning and demonstration of New Two-Colour Crabtree Fastready Press.
  • Major mechanical overhaul on existing Four-Colour Crabtree Fastready Press.

This is in addition to the engineers based at our UK manufacturing headquarters, who work on repairing and producing the OEM spare parts to a standard that can only be achieved by Crabtree engineers.

What our customers say……….  

Crabtree’s excellent contribution of supplying the best service and technology has enabled us to print to the highest quality.

Morris McMahon, Sydney

We were delighted with the support and guidance received from Crabtree.

Nikita. India

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