4 Reasons to work with OEM for Machine Components

OEM Machine Components

Firstly, let’s start by what we mean by OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer). It simply means the company who developed, designed and made your machinery.  When you purchased your machinery it is made up of 100’s of precision designed components.  Each of the components is vital for the effective and continued operation of your machinery.

Purchasing OEM spares gives the knowledge that you are getting the same spare part that was designed with your machinery or one that has been subsequently developed and upgraded to deliver improved performance.

1.  Support

When you work with OEM support engineers, it is reassuring that those engineers have access to the same engineering team that designed your equipment, many being part of that original team.  You gain access to a range of knowledge and experience of your exact machinery.

At Crabtree, we like to go that extra step, we offer free OEM support to our customers.  We provide support free of charge allowing customers to tap in to our expertise either via telephone or email.

2.  Response and Fulfilment

Choosing to order spare parts with the OEM gives you the assurance that the response will be quicker.   As they manufactured the parts, OEM’s tend to stock a high volume of parts.  If new parts require producing, it again is a quicker process as OEM’s hold the original designs.

At Crabtree, this means we can often respond to urgent requests and dispatch over 50 per cent of orders within 24 hours of order, and with a 98.5 per cent despatch date hit rate on all orders.

3.  Warranty

One of the most important reasons that customers order spare parts from the OEM is due to the manufacturer’s warranty.  If parts are faulty or you have any issues related to the part you will be covered by the manufacture’s parts warranty.

At Crabtree, we offer 12 months warranty on all spares parts ordered through ourselves leaving you safe in the knowledge that your machinery is protected. (T&C’s apply)

4.  Value

When replacing spare parts organisations expect to still experience the same of performance that they have always experienced.  This is not always the case when you purchase on open market.  When you replace parts in your machinery direct from the OEM it guarantees a like for like replacement and therefore no reduction or risk to performance.

Crabtree’s spare parts are manufactured at our site in Gateshead, UK, they are designed to be long lasting, outlasting non OEM suppliers due to the high quality materials and all of our parts go through our quality assurance process.

A cheaper spare parts price usually doesn’t mean it’s more cost effective to install and run.

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